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JB Texture Pro - Decorative Textured Aluminium Facade Panel

Beautiful & decorative facade

Beautiful and decorative facade, created by the skilful embellishment of sheet metal, to produce an architectural piece like no other; JB Texture-Pro leads unique and ornate panelling, for the engineered enhancement of large scale construction projects.

With decades of experience refining our craft and advising customers on a range of difficulties, JB Products has amassed great expertise within the façade Construction Industry.

Our experience within this industry has allowed the business to evolve naturally with the provision of JB Texture-Pro and large scale decorative pieces which perfectly complement its architectural possibility.

bed router

JB Products is equipped with a state-of-the-art vacuum 4x2m bed router, for the CNC embossing / texturing and cutting of aluminium sheet .

The vacuum bed of the router ensures the aluminium sheet is protected from scuffs and scratches while held in position, whilst maximising the amount of sheet which can be used.

The 3 axis capability of the machine can create any pattern and shape, both cutting and embossing without cutting through.

Aided by our multiple transport vehicles, JB Products offers delivery of textured panelling to site. These services are available throughout the UK for large scale construction projects.

JB Texture Pro - Decorative Aluminium Textured Facade Panels: Aluminium Facade Panel
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    The latest in pattern design embossed aluminium cladding, privacy shield and decorative architectural application.

    Available as decorative Laser-cut panels from 6mm to 28mm thickness

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