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JIF Fasteners Ltd manufactures stainless steel insulation fasteners for EWI systems.

Stainless Steel Washers

We also manufacture a range of stainless steel and galvanised steel washers, with all products being delivered on time and on budget. See the datasheet below

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With years of experience within this industry, working alongside architects and construction specialists to deliver premium EWI products for large-scale construction projects, our insulation fixings are high quality, reliable, and widely available in a variety of sizes and lengths. For full details email us at info@jbproducts.co.uk

FAQ's - Insulation Fixings

Insulation fixings, otherwise known as insulation anchors, are fixings which are used to keep external wall insulation and over-rafter warm roofing systems in place. Insulation fixings are typically made from metal, such as steel, or plastic, with a long nail-like fastener which penetrates the background material and a large, circular head to pin the insulation down onto the structure.

Insulation fixings can be used on many different types of insulation and substrates. This includes mineral wool, foam, XPS and EPS. Insulation fixings moreover work on composite insulation boards.

Insulation fixings should be designed to meet the requirements of the material and substrate, this may include a larger washer or head diameter to hold thinner materials. 

Metal fixings, especially A1 fire rated products, maintain the integrity of insulation systems during the event of a fire. Insulation boards can act as a passive fire protection system, therefore to help prevent or slow the spread of fire, it is important that these boards remain in place.

Plastic fixings do not have the same temperature resistance as metal fixings in order to achieve this. 

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