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Our Manufacturing Services

Our Manufacturing Services | JB Products

As an established British manufacturer of sheet metal products, JB Products creates a variety of bespoke, premium goods.

Whilst JB Products specialises in the production of facade products, we can manufacture all kinds of aluminium and stainless and galvanised steel pieces. Our encompassing manufacturing service enables us to minister to a range of clientele, creating made to measure products which directly resolve the problems our clients encounter.

Material Gauges

JB Products works with sheet metal in gauges of 0.70-10.00mm, including aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel. We can further work with coated materials.

Our manufacturing services can be provided throughout the UK, enabled by our multiple transport vehicles for the safe and timely delivery of products.

CAD & CNC Machinery

Throughout our manufacturing process, JB Products provides great levels of customer support and advice, with our experienced and expert team working closely with customers to ensure we achieve total client satisfaction. Our process begins with a site survey if necessary; this is supplemented with the latest CAD and CNC machinery, as well as manual machinery, so we can cut, form, and assemble with precision, closely following project specifications.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities Include:

  • Design consultation ( inc 2D and 3D CAD)
  • General fabrication
  • Press brake services
  • Metal punching services
  • TIG & MIG welding
  • Polyester powder coating
  • Anodising
  • Hot dipped galvanising
  • Installation

FAQ's - Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing is the process of transforming raw materials into a finished product. This is achieved through manual labour, tooling, and machinery, with processes becoming increasingly automated for large scale productions. Manufacturing is applicable across all industries, creating a limitless array of products.

Manufacturing is overall a value-adding process - it creates goods which are more valuable than their original form. 

Some common manufacturing processes for the production of metal products include:

  • Cutting - this takes place through various methods such as shearing, laser cutter, water jet cutting to cut metal to length
  • Forming - forming can be achieved by methods such as roll forming, folding, stamping, and extrusion to shape metal
  • Welding - an assembly method used to join material
  • Machining - removing material from the workpiece to shape it through methods such as grinding, turning and milling, and drilling
  • Punching - punching produces holes in a metal workpiece using a specially shaped die 

Manufacturing creates finished products from raw materials - an example of this includes the automotive industry, where raw materials like metal, plastic, and glass are manufactured into parts which can be assembled for the production of a vehicle.

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