Aluminium Flashings

Aluminium Flashings

Revered for our premium facade systems, JB Products manufactures aluminium flashings for the protection of roofs and walls. JB Products works with architects and quantity surveyors for the provision of high quality products in large scale residential projects, such as housing estates and apartment blocks.


Quality, Bespoke Aluminium Flashings

The team at JB Products meets all project specifications whilst fabricating highly adaptable flashing for roofs and eaves, fabricating bespoke designs which directly address the needs of an individual project.

Why Use Us?

JB Products’ dedication to a tailored service begins with attentive customer support and guidance throughout the design and manufacturing process, as our specialist team work to understand and resolve the problems our clients face. You can contact us for further information on our bespoke and quality Aluminium Flashings.


JB Products provides a complete service whilst manufacturing facades for large scale builds. From initial design to final installation, we ensure our high standards are implemented throughout for the delivery of perfectly formed, reliable, and durable products.

JB Products houses an exhaustive plant list to undertake fabrication in-house. Our continued investments into the latest CNC machinery, including punch presses, press brakes, and guillotines, make certain our products are consistent and adhere to tight tolerances.

We work with a range of metals, including aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel, in gauges from 0.70-10.00mm, with our team on hand to determine the best gauge for the application.

JB Products offers delivery of products to site, and further installation if required. We can do this for clients across the nation.

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Flashing is a thin sheet of metal applied on roofs, walls, and windows, to seal junctions where water may ingress. Water ingress can cause damage such as mould, damp, insect infestation, and even structural damage through deterioration. 

The types of flashing are determined by where they are used. Some common types of flashing include: 

  • Roof flashing - installed around junctions and projections on roofs
  • Wall flashing - used to seal interruptions in walls, such as those caused by windows or doors   
  • Sill flashing - seals under window and door sills
  • Cap flashing - seals above window and doors 
  • Pipe flashing - used to seal around pipes, where interruption is caused to roofs and walls

Flashing can also be determined by material; it is frequently made from metal, such as aluminium, galvanised steel, lead, rubber, uPVC, and acrylic. These materials are non-porous and corrosion resistant, suitable for outdoor applications.

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