Aluminium Soffit Panelling

Aluminium Soffit Panelling

Manufacturing complete high quality facades, JB Products offers aluminium soffit to complement the greater facade composition of large scale construction projects.


Why choose JB?

JB Products is guided by decades of experience designing and fabricating  infrastructure, providing premium aluminium soffit within agreed timescales and budgets. JB Products works alongside architects and construction specialists to ensure our products fulfil aesthetic visions, as well as their required functionality.

Bespoke Soffit Panelling

The goods supplied by JB Products are manufactured bespoke for individual clients; our soffit panels are available as vented and unvented, and will be fabricated to meet exacting specifications, seamlessly and discreetly joining the surrounding facade.

Our Comprehensive
plant list

JB Products houses a comprehensive plant list enabling our complete manufacturing of aluminium and galvanised and stainless steel products. We work with these materials in gauges between 0.70-10.00mm, with aluminium products starting at gauges of 1.20mm.

JB Products designs and manufactures all products bespoke, working closely with architects and quantity surveyors throughout our processes to address the issues clients may be facing surrounding construction . Our CAD software and specialist design team provide accurate details as obtained by design consultations and site surveys, from which our team manufactures.

Our transportation capacity allows JB Products to provide and deliver products nationwide using our own fleet of vehicles. We further offer professional installation of our products on site

aluminium soffit panelling for large scale construction projects

Soffit boards are installed on the underside of eaves, joining fascia boards, to provide a complete sealing of the projecting rafters. If the boards are additionally vented, they can provide ventilation into the roof space, preventing the build up of condensation in this area.

Soffit boards are generally made from wood, uPVC, or aluminium. Though wood offers a more traditional look, it requires a lot of maintenance, and can face water damage over time. uPVC is available in numerous finishes, and can provide increased insulation. Aluminium likewise can be finished to meet various designs, whilst maintaining integrity in all climates; it can further offer protection in cases of fire.

A soffit protects rafters from environmental elements such as moisture - this better protects the rafters over time, preventing deterioration of a structures roof which can be a costly and timely fix, particularly for large scale constructions; in the same manner, soffits further prevent entry of insects and pests into the roof. 

A well manufactured soffit will contribute towards the overall aesthetic of a building - it provides a seamless finish to the underside of the roof’s overhang. 

Finally, a vented soffit will provide natural ventilation to reduce build up of condensation in the roof space. 

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