Metal Punching Services

Metal Punching Services

JB Products’ manufacturing capacity is dedicated to the creation of both standard and unique facade designs which elevate the architectural potential of a building.

CNC Punch Pressing

We fulfil these ambitions on a daily basis with the assistance of our vast manufacturing services. As a part of this, we offer metal punching undertaken on a state-of-the-art CNC punch press for fast and efficient punching.

We use the latest punching and nesting software to ensure the most efficient use of sheet, to the project within budget.

Our Metal Punching Capabilities

Our ongoing investments into our machinery enable us to provide for large scale construction projects, where accuracy and efficiency of high quality products, supplied on time and on budget, is essential for a streamlined construction process. JB Products works alongside architects and construction specialists to do just this.

plant list

JB Products houses a comprehensive plant list to provide a complete in-house manufacturing service, including the cutting and punching, forming, welding and assembly of products.

Our CNC punch press boasts advantages over alternative methods, such as laser cutting, for a time considerate operation. The latest in available technology, our punch press have an accuracy of +/- 0.10mm.

Metal Punching Services: CNC punching & CNC punch press


JB Products works with aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel in gauges between 0.70-6.00mm for the manufacturing of construction products and other large scale general fabrication projects.

Our manufacturing services are complemented by site measurements, in-house design utilising CAD software, and an accredited delivery and installation service. The scope of JB Products’ manufacturing service enables us to fully support and guide our customers throughout their manufacturing experience, delivering a perfectly formed product which meets their every need.

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FAQ's - Metal Punching

Punching is a fabrication method which produces holes in a sheet metal workpiece with the use of a punching die. The punching die is lowered to the workpiece, before passing through and depositing a scrap slug. This can be undertaken as a manual or CNC operation, on hydraulic, pneumatic, or servo-electric machines.

Metal punching can produce holes of all shapes and sizes, determined by the shape of the die underneath.

During the metal punching process, a sheet of metal is placed on the punch bed between a punch and die. The die underneath the metal sheet will determine the shape and size of the holes created in the metal.

The punch is then driven at high speeds into the sheet, until it meets the die, shearing the metal and creating a hole. The scrap slug falls down, so that it can be recycled or reused. This process is repeated as necessary.