Hot Dipped Galvanising

Hot Dipped Galvanising

Forming a protective surface over external wall insulation system products, our hot dipped galvanising process ensures JB Products’ mild steel metal goods perform at the highest level in their application.

JB Products prides itself on the quality of the products we manufacture for large scale construction projects, and ensuring products are suitable for their application with our range of finishing services is a vital part of this.

The team at JB Products works closely with architects and construction specialists to determine the correct course of action for products, and can advise on hot dipped galvanising as a finishing service to ensure products are durable and reliable for years to come.


JB Products provides a complete design and manufacturing service which is performed nationwide, beginning with a site survey to determine the requirements of individual projects. Our specialist in-house design team works with CAD software to produce 2D and 3D detailing from which we manufacture.

Manufacturing takes place in house, aided by CNC and manual machinery to cut, form, and assemble products. We offer polyester powder coating and anodising alongside hot dipped galvanising for the finishing of our products.

Throughout this process, JB Products offers high levels of customer support and guidance, ensuring we can deliver a product which meets all expectations, on time and on budget.


Sample Galv Bracket

Aluminium, stainless &
galvanised steel

We work with aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel, in gauges between 0.70-10.00mm for the fabrication of products. Our hot dipped galvanising services are available for mild steel products.

Our multiple transportation vehicles ensures JB Products can safely deliver products to site, and further install products if required.

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The key difference between galvanised and hot dipped galvanising is that galvanising is the process of coating a metal surface in a zinc layer and hot dipped galvanising is a method of achieving this. Hot dipped galvanising involves lowering the product into a bath of molten zinc to completely cover it. Other galvanising methods include electroplating and thermal spraying.

Hot dipped galvanising produces a rough surface finish, whereas other methods of galvanising produce a smooth surface finish.

A galvanised metal surface is coated with a zinc layer, which increases the corrosion-resistance of the metal. Typically, this takes place on steel or iron products, using methods such as electroplating, thermal spray, and hot dipped galvanising.

Hot dipped galvanised steel must first be thoroughly cleaned by degreasing, pickling, and fluxing, before it can be submerged in molten zinc to be galvanised.

Hot dipped galvanised steel can last for several decades due to its increased corrosion resistance. However, factors such as moist or humid environments, acids and strong alkalis, and salty environments can all decrease the lifespan of hot dipped galvanised steel, and can cause it to rust over time.