Press Braking Services

Press Braking Services

Press Braking

The press braking capabilities of JB Products enable us to create precision products and general fabrications.

CNC Machine Facilities

Our investments into our facilities and machinery, including both CNC machinery and manual machines, allow us to handle high volume requests with a highly controlled process, ensuring accuracy, consistency, and great levels of customer support are maintained throughout.

Multiple Fold Profiles - Press Braking

Multiple fold profiles can be achieved on our press brakes, aiding the creation of truly unique bespoke products which fulfil all client expectations.

With decades of experience informing our expertise within the manufacturing and construction industries, JB Products press braking services ensure the production of the highest quality products.

Press braking

JB Products presses aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel in gauges between 0.70-10.00mm.

Our press braking services are a part of our wider manufacturing operations, including cutting, punching, welding and assembly services.

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design services

JB Products works closely alongside architects and construction specialists from our introduction to projects, ensuring we offer design support and advice to resolve any challenges faced from the start.

This is supplemented by our in-house design services, utilising the latest CAD software, and our manufacturing operations. Following the creation of products, JB Products can further provide delivery of products safely to site, ensuring protection of products with our accredited transport.. We also offer installation of products in a timely manner.

These comprehensive services supplied by JB Products can be provided for large scale projects around the UK.

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FAQ's - Press Braking

Press braking, otherwise known as brake forming, is a process that uses a machine to bend or fold sheet metal along an axis. A sheet of metal is held between a punch and die, with the top tooling being lowered to clamp and bend the metal.

Press braking can be achieved with a mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, or servo-electric press machine.

Press braking can be used to create products for all industries and applications, however is commonly used for engineering, construction and commercial architecture or structures, automotive, and agricultural applications.

There are many advantages to press braking and CNC press braking. Some advantages include:

  • Press braking is a cost effective and efficient process
  • Fast and easy set up process
  • Enables the creation of bespoke, individual products rather than a linear formation such as roll forming
  • CNC press brakes ensure consistency and accuracy across products