Stainless Steel Products

Stainless Steel Products

With an unwavering focus on the quality of our work, JB Products works with both stainless and galvanised steel for the production of our premium steel products.

Years of experience within the manufacturing industry, working closely with clients to resolve the issues they face, has afforded JB Products the outstanding reputation we hold today. The team at JB Products works with the requirements of a project in mind, providing an advisory service which guides customers to complete satisfaction.

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JB Products designs and manufactures general stainless and galvanised steel products alongside our aluminium goods, catering to a range of clientele and industries.

Our versatility is enabled by the experienced team and plethora of machinery at JB Products. We have a dedicated in-house design team, working with CAD software to ensure products are viable and created in line with customer expectations. Furthering this, our CNC and manual plant list allows JB Products to offer a complete manufacturing service, from cutting and forming to welding.

We work with aluminium, and stainless and galvanised steel, in gauges from 0.70-10.00mm in a host of grades, with our team available to support clients on the best material specifications for their product.

Our accredited team is dedicated to supporting clients throughout their journey with JB Products, delivering products on time and on budget, every time, throughout the UK.

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FAQ's - Stainless Steel

Stainless steel can be found in many industries, such as:

  • Architecture and civil engineering - creating structures such as bridges, and building construction
  • Automotive - stainless steel is commonly used for auto bodies
  • Aerospace - creating aircraft bodies and engines
  • Medical industry - ease of sterilisation makes it great for surgical tools and equipment
  • Chemical Industry - the corrosion resistance of stainless steel makes it suitable for the chemical industry

Stainless steel has many desirable properties. Some of these include: stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion, it is relatively low maintenance, durable and strong, aesthetically pleasing to look at, recyclable - increasing the sustainability of the material, and suitable for both high and low temperature applications; finally, it is easy to machine.

Galvanised steel is steel which has been coated in a corrosion resistant zinc layer, increasing the durability of the material. Galvanised steel can be found in industries like:

  • Construction - for the construction of both residential and commercial properties and structures
  • Agricultural - for long-lasting machinery, equipment, and structures
  • Outdoor applications - such as the solar power industry and telecommunications
  • Commercial goods - such as nails and nuts and bolts

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