Polyester Powder Coating

Polyester powder coating for the perfect finish of products

As part of our comprehensive manufacturing service, JB Products offers polyester powder coating for the perfect finish of products.

The direction of our manufacturing process is determined by the requirements of our clients. As part of this, the team at JB Products work alongside architects and construction specialists on a range of large scale projects, ensuring that all customer expectations are met and the finest architectural visions are fulfilled.

Our polyester powder coating services seek to provide clients with not only durable and hard wearing facades, but stunning products which encourage great first impressions on new builds and refurbishments alike. We can coat to a wide range of colours including RAL and BS ranges.


It is our dedication to getting it right that has fostered the reputation of JB Products for high quality and long-lasting solutions.

JB Products’ finishing services are one of the final stages in our comprehensive manufacturing service.

Commencing with an in-depth site survey and design consultation, JB Products provides in-house design using the latest CAD software to produce detailing in line with unique project specifications.

We then cut, form, and assemble aluminium profile for the perfect finish, we can do this for material gauges between 1.20-10.00mm.

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Our investments into our facilities and CNC machinery aids this process, enabling JB Products to produce accurate and consistent products every time.

Our expert team can advise on the appropriate finishing for individual projects, and further offer delivery and installation of products for a complete service which is provided nationwide.

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FAQ's - Powder Coating

Polyester powder coating (PPC) is a finishing process applied to metal products which require increased durability with a hard-wearing surface. Polyester is chosen for internal and external applications, providing excellent weather, corrosion, temperature, and impact resistance.

Polyester powder coating involves spraying an electrostatically charged, dried powder onto a material, before baking it and bonding it to the surface of the metal.

A polyester powder coat can be created in numerous colours, with a flawless finish similar to that of a painted product.

Whilst polyester powder coating is very durable with few ongoing maintenance requirements, the lifespan of the coat depends on its application. Generally, a polyester powder coating can last for several decades.

Lifespan can be affected by poor surface preparation of the metal product it is to be bonded to.

Polyester powder coating offers several benefits compared to other finishes, such as paint. These include:

  • Increased corrosion and impact resistance of a product
  • Flawless, smooth surface finish
  • Range of colours available
  • Complete coverage of a product
  • Cost effective and long-lasting
  • Low maintenance
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