Mild Steel General Fabrication

Mild Steel General Fabrication

JB Products manufactures galvanised mild steel products alongside stainless steel products as part of our comprehensive manufacturing services to produce premium goods for the Construction industry and beyond.

JB Products Manufactures galvanised mild steel products

Our manufacturing services involve the cutting, forming, and assembly of mild steel, stainless steel as well as aluminium for a flexible and varied offering. Continuous investments into our machinery, and the quality of our services, enable JB Products to produce high quality, durable, and reliable goods - as we have done for decades.

The experienced team at JB Products works closely with clients when undertaking the manufacturing of steel products to ensure we meet all expectations, delivering perfectly formed products, ready for installation.

Manufacturing of
mild steel products

For the manufacturing of mild steel products, JB Products houses a comprehensive plant list, including both CNC and manual machinery, for the creation of our truly bespoke goods.

We guide our clients through the manufacturing process, providing an advisory and attentive service which encompasses the cutting, forming, and assembly of sheet metal to create a product in line with our client’s visions and project requirements.

To do so, JB Products further offers in-house design, establishing product specifications from which we can consistently and reliably manufacture. Our specialist design team works with CAD software to produce detailing which considers every element of a project.




Stainless & galvanised
mild steel

We work with stainless and galvanised mild steel in gauges from 0.70-10.00mm, and aluminium in 1.20-10.00mm.

Following the manufacturing of products, JB Products can deliver products to site; we offer all these services to clients throughout the nation.

JB Products specialises in mild steel sheet general fabrication for large scale projects.

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FAQ's - Mild Steel General Fabrication

Mild steel is an extremely versatile and affordable material, used for an array of applications. There are several advantages to using mild steel for the fabrication of a product, including:

Steel is very strong, meaning its strength can be maintained without needing a thicker gauge or increasing weight - this can save manufacturing expenses.

Steel is easily machinable, and is compatible with a range of fabrication methods, including cold forming. The numerous finishes available for steel means it can fulfil aesthetic requirements.

Steel is durable and is therefore used to create durable and long-lasting products.

The desirable properties of mild steel make it suitable for fabricating many products across a range of industries. Some of the properties of mild steel include:

  • High tensile strength
  • Low weight
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Temperature resistance

The applications of mild steel are far reaching. A few examples are noted here to demonstrate the varying uses of mild steel:

Mild steel is used for construction, since its excellent strength : weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and machinability make it a suitable structural material.

Automobile parts are often made using mild steel, alongside various machinery used within industrial applications.

The affordability and durability of mild steel make it a great material for commercial structures such as signs, fencing, and decorations.