Architect / Consultant Design

Consultant Design Support

The design support and services offered by JB Products for construction specialists and architects ensure our products and general fabrications are manufactured to the highest standard.

With decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, our in-house design facilities and specialist team are used to ensure our products are perfectly manufactured in line with project specifications. Whether looking for decorative facade, or  a more standard formed profile, our design services enable the creation of truly unique and bespoke products which are tailored to each client.

JB Products supports clients throughout our comprehensive consultation, design, and manufacturing process, working from the start to resolve all kinds of issues our clients face through the design and creation of premium products.

design services

Our design services are aided by CAD software, which is capable of producing both 2D and 3D detailing. Detailing is presented to architects and other construction specialists to ensure our designs meet their architectural visions and structural calculations, before proceeding with manufacturing.

To determine design specifications, JB Products offer site surveys, working closely with customers from the start of our involvement to ensure structural specifications are established and will be met by JB Products.

We work with aluminium, stainless steel, and galvanised steel for the production of goods, in gauges between 0.70-10.00mm. Our non coated products meets A1 fire rating  while our powder coated products achieves a fire rating of A2-s1, d0. Anodised aluminium achieves an A1 fire rating.

Consultant Design Support for Architects


Our in-house manufacturing services involve the cutting, forming, and assembly of products, making certain that the high standards JB Products is renowned for are maintained throughout our services.

This is supported by our delivery of products to site, and installation of facade systems.

Whilst JB Products specialises in the production of components for the construction industry , our design services are widely available for general fabrication projects.

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Industrial design is the process of planning and developing a product before it can be manufactured. Designing ensures the product looks and functions properly, and can be manufactured within the restrictions of a project - such as the budget or timescale.

Effective planning will ensure products can be manufactured correctly and efficiently, pre-emptively managing potential manufacturing complications or errors.

The design process should establish the specifications of a product, which enable the product to be replicated in the manufacturing stage so that it looks and functions correctly. The design process may also feature prototyping and testing - creating a model or sample of the product to ensure it is viable, before it is manufactured, and undergoing quality checks to verify the design of the product.