Founded 1998, JB Products has established itself as a premium manufacturer, fabricating all types of metal products for large scale construction projects.

About JB Products

During our years of operation, we have built a respectable reputation based around quality of goods and integrity of our services. Our dedication to perfecting our products achieves total client satisfaction for years to come.

The evolution of JB Products has been catalysed by our commitment to our industry and refinement of our services. The formation of JB Texture-Pro, and a heightened emphasis on the aestheticism of our products, has allowed JB Products to offer greater design-orientated, eye-catching products amongst our more practical parts.

Our Manufacturing Services

JB Products extends our services beyond manufacturing of decorative facades; we work closely with clients throughout initial design consultations, manufacturing processes, and installation of products to ensure quality is at the forefront of all we offer.

CNC Machinery and 2D&3D CAD Available

JB Products houses a comprehensive plant list to fulfil our expansive manufacturing services, from in-house cutting and forming, to welding. Our state-of-the-art CNC machinery seeks to increase the efficiency and accuracy of processes, working to within tight tolerances. Services are undertaken as guided by 2D and 3D CAD, produced by the specialist design team at JB Products.

We Offer Transport & Delivery!

We further offer transportation and delivery of our products to site, accredited with FORS for the peace of mind of clients when accessing sites.

These services supplied by JB Products are available nationwide.

Case Studies

Working with a multitude of diverse clients, “capping off” some truly perfect architecture.

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