Stainless Steel Brackets

Stainless Steel Brackets

With decades of experience, JB Products manufactures high quality stainless steel angle brackets for any application including mounting cladding in large scale construction projects.

Our experience guides all we do, enabling us to offer an advisory and informed service to our customers, as we work with them throughout our services. Our bespoke brackets are manufactured in line with project specifications and customer requirements, with our dedicated team working closely alongside construction specialists to ensure a viable and safe support system for cladding.

JB Products makes certain that quality is at the forefront of all our operations, so that we can deliver complete solutions which serve customers for years to come.


For the manufacturing of bespoke stainless steel brackets, JB Products offers a customer specific manufacturing solution, for further information contact us on 01384 563 510.

Our expansive plant list includes CNC machinery to ensure we manufacture consistently within tight tolerances, delivering products which can be quickly and easily installed, on time and on budget.

JB Products works with aluminium,  stainless and galvanised steel of various grades, between 0.70-10.00mm for brackets.

JB Products caters to clientele across the nation with these services.

FAQ's - Stainless Steel Angle Brackets

An angle bracket is an L shaped product used to join two pieces of material. Set at a 90 degree angle, the angle bracket, also known as a corner brace, offers support when joining materials. They can be fixed by screws to join materials.

Angle brackets can support architectural elements such as walls, parapets, eaves, and beams, where one member needs to be joined to a perpendicular member. They are further used in facade systems to mount cladding on the exterior of walls. 

Angle brackets are typically made from aluminium, galvanised or stainless steel; steel has an excellent strength : weight ratio, whilst being galvanised or stainless ensures a corrosion resistance which extends the longevity of the product.

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