Aluminium Column Casing

Aluminium Column Casing

Specialising in aluminium facades for large scale construction projects, JB Products designs and manufactures high quality aluminium column and beam casing to enhance the appearance of buildings and ensure all elements fulfil architectural vision.


Bespoke Manufacturing

Our years of experience has enabled a flexible service stemming from our deep understanding of our customers’ requirements. The flexible service provided by JB Products means our column casing is fabricated bespoke; we offer casings for all shape and size columns, available in a range of finishes.

Fabricated Coverings For Structural Beams

Our premium coverings are designed for the concealment of structural columns and beams, whilst elevating the architectural appeal of a building. We achieve this through working alongside architects and quantity surveyors to ensure we understand, and meet, all project requirements.

design facilities

From our initial involvement with a new build or refurbishment project, JB Products offers site surveys to determine project specifications for the manufacturing of facades. Our in-house design facilities are utilised to detail designs following this, before manufacturing commences to create our bespoke pieces. JB Products supports and advises customers throughout this process, ensuring we deliver a product perfectly formed for its application. We do this for clients throughout the UK.

We offer a complete manufacturing operation, from cutting and forming to welding. These services are guided by CNC machinery, streamlining processes wherever possible to meet agreed timescales and budgets. JB Products can fabricate aluminium gauges between 1.20-10.00mm, and moreover works with stainless and galvanised steel from 0.70-10.00mm.

Following the manufacturing of products, JB Products offers the timely delivery of goods to site, enabled by our accredited inhouse transportation service. We can further install column casings and additional facade structures on site.

Our aluminium column casings meet A2-s1, d0 fire rating for the peace of mind of our customers.

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FAQ's - Aluminium Column Casings

Column casings, or coverings, are typically lightweight sheets of PPC aluminium which are applied to conceal structural columns and beams which may otherwise be unsightly or detract from the design of a building. 

Often found on large scale constructions, columns are sometimes necessary as support members, or may be included as a design feature. Casing can be used to cover these columns as opposed to paint, tiles, or other materials which may not be as durable and low maintenance as an aluminium covering.

Whilst the obvious advantage to column casing is improving aesthetic appeal, this is not the only benefit of covering structural columns in buildings.

Aluminium casings can protect these critical structures against fire and weathering, plus general wear and tear which may occur if columns are positioned in high traffic areas.

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